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Subject:  – RIBOGRAMA: concept and applications in clinical oncology.

Dear Director …………….

The Ribograma method allows us to evaluate the behaviour of any type of
cells and has never been applied in the clinical practice, but the nature
of the biochemistry of cells will be a working tool and method of
study of the responses to cytotoxic substances in personalized
therapeutics and directed only against malignant cells and not
touching the normal cells.

I think it can be developed a transversal application of the Ribograma
method in certain fields, concerning with the potentiality of the
cell physiology system in the malignancies.

With the CTC (liquid biopsy/Circulating Tumor Cells) or driven either
directed biopsies on tumor biopsies one can construct (by menu) a
strong army to fight cancer cells exclusively.

With the CTC and with harvesting other weapons from bone marrow, at
same time, we can choice a set of three or more chemotherapy agents,
guided and directed by the information of the Ribograma method, we can
easily choose strong and specific therapeutic weapons to fight the
micrometastases, that escape to the identification of the CT scan and
resonance magnetic directed to any place of the body.

It is the reality, because the small cell clusters are not accessible
to traditional image tests used in daily clinical practice.

Let me know what is your point of view about a project with money from
an European Project – Europe2020.

I can have good contact with the Portuguese Moedas Comissioner in Brussels.

This is the reason why I feel that such a project (The combat against
the micrometastases – – say CTC of any cancer), will
contribute to lower strongly the percentage of late metastatic
complications of cancer.

My actual idea against the oncologic disease, would be the
personalised attack to the metastasis (macro and micro),
utilising the RIBOGRAMA METHOD, mainly in your cancer interests area.

I pretend to discuss with you the way how to find a partnership, in
view a starting up project concerned with the creation of a not
invasive very early diagnostic test of the cancer disease of certain organs and systems.

My new (and unique) technique in the scientific community results from
a research on colon and rectum cancer (CRC), in the UNIVERSIDAD
calculation of the quantity of free ribosomes in the cells of the organs under study, before the people presents any malignant lesions.

Effectively, I am looking for a partner to develop a diagnostic device
and, eventually, the other steps based in my medical research, as I
will explain just after.

My goal derives from the research of a doctoral thesis, in which there
are, mainly, the following steps: a) – separation of the cells to study;

  1. b) – homogenization and calibration of
    the cells, through the rupture, with certain
    routine techniques; c) – isolation of the free ribosomes, though
    differential centrifugation; d) – labelling of the free ribosomes,
    utilizing fluorochromes (nanotechnology); and e) – counting libelled
    free ribosomes, utilizing flow cytometry or qPCR.The ideas concerning my scientific research are already under the
    legal intellectual protection, through my friendliness links in
    Madrid, in a specialized company of patents. I send you an Abstract of
    the subject, which is called RIBOGRAMA (Trade mark).I pretend to discuss with you the possibility to make a joint-venture, concerning the creation of a diagnostic test.The reason why I am addressing to you is because my research field
    needs of several supports, logistic and financial.

So, in this way, I would like to develop the modus facciendi of my
technique in view to expand this simple test, firstly directed to CRC
and after to several other organs, like prostate, breast, lung,
urinary system, stomach, etc.

The colorectal cancer represents, as you know, one of the biggest
incidences of human cancer in the western type of life and cocked
food. My research project has strong potential in public health,
medico-hospitalar practice, clinical and laboratorial research, food
industry, veterinary, oncologic research, pharmaceutical industry and
clinical trials research etc., with great medical and financial
impact, firstly, by now, in the lowering significantly the morbidity
and mortality of the colorectal cancer disease, in the world, and,
after, with other organs and systems.

RIBOGRAMA is an objective and quantitative method that provides an
unique service to HealthCare Providers worldwide. The method is
qualified to deal within all business sectors of the worldwide
HealthCare, from the sole practice physician to the largest chain of

RIBOGRAMA is well suited to be recommended and addressed to many of
the challenges facing HealthCare Providers worldwide in today’s
ever-changing business and biomedical environments (public health,
medico-hospitalar practice, clinical and laboratorial research, food
industry, veterinary, oncologic research, pharmaceutical industry and
clinical trials research etc), and also offers a certain commonly
utility basis in a cross section of “bio-industries” worldwide.

The RIBOGRAMA method has no meaningful competition and is recession
resistant due in part to a perpetual and potential big and wide demand
where its products and services are indicated.

This huge and potential big demand supports a low risk rating for its
equity, which will increases its value, is liquid and has no
volatility. The method forecasts profitability that supports
continuous profit distributions that are reliable, predictable and
potential increases annually.

In summary, the timing for this business to enter the domestic and
global markets could not be better!

I hope that this method will be a big solution for the people and the
countries, through the world, to help the control (and part of the
solution of) the cancer disease.

Best regards and yours very truly


  1. Ferreira-Alemão, MD, PhD